Follow it into Eastern Plaguelands. Once you have 10, exit the water and go southeast until you find Misty Reed Post. (only) indicates the zone is instanced, and thus exclusive, for that race or hero class. Run near some lava and use your, Head to the south side of the mountain. You should also try and purchase a. . Continue doing this until Bloodvenom River, at which point you should turn and run west. Did you skip any zones and which? Click it to light it and immediately run away from the elite. Run straight across from it to pick up the quest: All trainers should be close nearby, but a few are actually inside The Den. After reaching level 13, go south towards the building where you picked up quests earlier. Fight your way through to the moonwell in the area. Now you’ll go east to find the geomancers and defenders. Accept Jin’Zil’z Forest Magic. Open the pouch. The leveling guides were made because of all the messages I got from people asking me how I was able to level … Pull it and drop it to 20% health or so, then use the. Kill all the yetis around here to finish up The Mark of Quality. in your bags to summon him. Numbers within the bars indicate the level range. Burn that too and then return to the lodge entrance. If not, go west and kill worms until you are. Run southeast from Everlook to the mountains, then follow them south to reach Owl Wing Thicket. Go back across the bridge and recross the northern bridge where you originally came from. Turn in. Home / Guides / WoW Classic: 50-60 Horde Leveling Guide. Great guide! . Run all the way south now back to the main road. Use these talents to level as quickly as possible until level 35 and swap to these talents from there on for maximum efficiency. At this point, it is actually faster just to die and resurrect at the spirit angel than it is to swim back. Run along the road going north. Head back into the cave and turn right. Take a flight to Camp Taurajo. Eventually you will find. Get back on the road and keep running until you see another tower where the road splits into a north and east path. Look for crates here and loot it to finish Expedition Salvation. Make sure to kill. Run north a little ways until you find a goblin shredder from which you should accept the quest: Start running to the south towards the tower in the middle of the water. Turn in Martek the Exiled at 42.53. Sell junk and repair before leaving town. , while you are there, you will want to make sure to kill Charlga Razorflank to loot her heart for. Keep running south next to the coast until you reach Northwatch Hold. Turn in. You’re absolutely correct, we forgot to get that turn in noted. Clear the gorillas you see and keep going to find, Finish the escort, then immediately hand in, Run southwest to the river past the tar pools and cross it. Keep following the road north. Proceed to the furthest building and look for a tablet. Before leaving the coast, make sure to finish Other Fish to Fry. Follow the mountain until you are on the other side, then proceed west to reach The Crossroads. Enter it and fight your way through the room. I will be posting some remarks. Stock up on some Dew, pizza, snacks, and some good tunes… Return to Hammerfall and turn it in. Go south to Fire Plume Ridge and climb to the top. Keep exploring until you see. Turn in. for now. Now fight your way out of Shadow Hold and Jaedenar. Now get on a flight to Marshall’s Refuge. Return to the house. Look for a pool of water near here and use your, . Kill Noboru and loot him for his cudgel. Now go back and kill harpies until you have just a bubble left to reach level 10. Keep running on the path leading into the hold until you reach the top of the hill. Walk up to the pylon on top of the hill. Make your way into the water and find Gnomish Toolboxes at the bottom. Head back towards the road and follow it south into Booty Bay. Repeat this until you can fight him alone. Don’t do the escort quest here unless you are in a group. Don’t get off the lift until you reach the third floor. Kill them until you loot a. Run to the west gate and turn in, Before leaving, use the auction house, repair, and clear out your bags. Head northeast towards the road and follow it all the way east to Everlook. Keep killing owlbeasts here until you find a. Turn in, This will take a long time, so consider doing any (or all three) of the Find OOX escort quests in Gadgetzan, Feralas, or The Hinterlands. Keep heading east to reach Fungal Rock. I will note that none of the Silithus quests at the end appear to have been implemented in Classic as of yet. Wait for. behind you and use the canteen whenever he faints. this time. Heya, If this is intended for Blizzards Classic WoW servers then the quest chain starting from level 58 part 23 (An Earnest Proposition) is not available yet and wont be until phase 5. Before Timbermaw Hold, hand in. Then leave Undercity and follow the road back to The Bulwark. This is THE introductory guide to exploits in Wow Classic. Collect the five bindings you need here. Turn in. Hey snooker, thanks for bringing this to our attention. in the water and around it. Proceed east to Steamwheedle Port once the ruins are empty. This includes, Near Lok Orcbane, you’ll see a thunderhawk by the name of. Use the auction house, repair, store stuff in the bank, and buy consumables now. On level 38 you say grind for Some Assembly Required. Before leaving, go back to the tent where you find Grundig. Once you get to Echo Isles, kill all the tigers and raptors you find. – Only change your hearthstone home location when indicated in the guide. Grinding sessions will be distributed evenly throughout the guide so you won’t ever need to spend countless hours doing it. Look for the graveyard to spot, Wait for the patrol of guards to be far away from the area, then hurry and use the grave to turn in. You have multiple quests for, already, so that is your best option here. Get on a flight to Stonard. Keep killing harpies in the Roguefeather Den until you need just 4,000 experience to reach level 32. Kill all the elementals near the cavern and loot them when you are there. At this point, you should definitely get a group for Maraudon for loot and quests. Turn in, Start following the road south again and follow it all the way until you are back at Malaka’jin. Kill the trolls here for, Once you have 20, follow the coast back to Grom’gol Base Camp. One of them will house Mankrik’s wife. Run south back to the road and start following it east. If you are not level 45 yet, go kill the trolls in the Ruins of Jubuwal until you are. Now go back down the tower and talk to the elf offering a quest at the bottom. Before going in, if you are more than three bubbles away from level 34, then kill trolls just north of camp until you are. Yeah, thanks Gurashu, this one was kind of complicated since you don’t get Retribution of the Light two quests AFTER Rescue from Jaedenar. Approach it and accept the quest: . After crossing the bridge, go south until you find the Ruins of Isildien. Make a leap of faith (you won’t die) off the mountain to return to the cave. Eliminate any furbolg you see. One is found close to the water and the other is further west near the mountains. To cut down on the time that you. Turn in, be level 24. Follow the road north until it splits into two. You’re 100% correct, those quests just aren’t there. Hand in, Set your hearthstone to Orgrimmar now! Go to the doctor in cave and turn in Letter to Jin’Zil. Kill any humans that you need here, then run further north to find the other types. Run to Hunter Rise and hand in. Learn the flightpath at the end of the docks. Sell to clear out your bags and buy some food. This is just the first of our two-part ultimate WoW Classic Horde leveling guide so make sure to check part 2 to find out how to level from 31 to 60 in the fastest and most efficient way possible! Hello! I have Questie so I knew where to go but just a heads up. Go north from here until you come across a few centaur camps. waiting on it. Now you can leave Ratchet again by heading west. This will spawn four waves of enemies, very difficult to do solo. . Turn in. Remember to kill any silly enemy that gets in your way. After crossing the bridge, run south until you find a bunch of gnolls in a field. Find mounds in the Field of Giants to collect 12 eggs. Head northeast back to the road. Exit the house and kill the pirates outside to finish up Pirate Hats Ahoy! Check underneath it to find. Observation: Level 49 point 28, you send us way south to some yetis, well.. these are the wrong yetis. Turn in, Incendosaurs? Right before crossing zones, you’ll notice a quest giver on the side of the road. Get on a flight to Ratchet. – WoW Classic is packed full of chain quests. Circle the cliff to your right (north) and climb up to kill prowlers for Prowlers of the Barrens. Run up the hill to the northwest and climb the tower to pick up the quest: Run southeast out of Razor Hill until you see a keep in the distance, killing anything in your path. Level 40, step 6. Before leaving, make sure to collect any Nugget Slugs you need to finish that quest up. Use the map lying on a crate to turn in, The Ogres of Feralas, The Gordunni Scroll, The Battle Plans, Gordunni Cobalt. Excellent guide, worked great on my path to 60. I think you should note to turn in A Peon’s Burden at 6-1, as well as WANTED: Arnak Grimtotem at 29-14 as otherwise these quests are picked up and completed but simply not turned in. Run south of the road to find the Undercroft. Kill quilboar in this area until you have killed 12 thornweavers, 12 geomancers, and 6 water seekers. Return south and kill any harpies you still need for Vengeance on the Northspring. Here you should kill any slimes you find. Hand in. Once you arrive, go to the western lift and accept the quest: . Enter the city and take a flight to Hammerfall. Make your hearthstone location Gadgetzan now. Follow it as you cross the bridge into Eastern Plaguelands. Afterwards run southwest across the road to find. Once you’ve killed all the centaurs needed for Pacify the Centaur, run east and follow the mountain to your left. Make sure to have a, Follow the coast south out of Ratchet. Finish Raptor Mastery and start heading north to get to Nesingwary’s Expedition Camp. To help you decided where to level, we put together Classic WoW leveling route guides with zone recommendations! The quests and grinding sessions included are sequenced to get you to level 60 as fast as possible! Do you mean to go through Deadwind Pass? Ride the elevator down and go west along the road. Noticed something a bit off though. Leave the water and follow the coast all the way to the south. Swim down there and pick up the, Get out of the water and head southeast to return to Light’s Hope Chapel. Run south to find Thunder Axe Fortress. Keep killing elves in the area until The Ranger Lord’s Behest is finished. Run north from here to find Boulder’gor. Just wanna beat the shit out of mobs for awhile? Hey! Turn in to Tor’gan. Follow the road leading to the west all the way into Silverpine Forest. . Head northeast afterwards to find the ramp back down to the naga below the cliff. In Desolace, the guide tells you to pick up 10 Soft-Shell Clams, but it doesn’t tell you to pick up the quest first. Continue on the path to enter Andorhal. Make sure to also collect apples from the cactus bushes and wake up sleeping orcs with your blackjack when you see them. It was just something I noticed and thought I would share. Once you’re done, run east from Highperch to find Whitereach Post. If it isn’t there, run east until you see the next mountain pillar. Go out of your way to kill any Pterrordaxes. Turn in. Thanks for catching this one. Thank you, this has been updated! Exit the tower and keep going along the road until you see a camp to your left. Follow the main road near Camp Taurajo north until it begins to curve to the east. Run south and hug the wall to your right. . Loved the guide and even did some quests I never knew existed, thanks for the nice guided tour to 60! Otherwise, you’ll find a number of the quests in the next section to be a bit overwhelming. Turn in. Kill dwarves in the fortress until Revenge of Gann is complete. Kill and loot any raptors along your way. Turn in, Un-Life’s Little Annoyances, To Kill With Purpose, Head west and then north when you can along the mountain to reach, Head south to the road and then cross the bridge west into Western Plaguelands. No problem, just skipped that part; doing some extra dungeon quests was more than enough to get to 60 at the start of your level 60 portion. Turn in, Head northeast from the hut until you find another goblin hut. Run northeast from here and clear the forest area of any gryphons, wolves, and owlbeasts that you find. At this point you should head west into Sishir Canyon, which is filled with spiders and eggs. You’ll also need 60 tusks and 11 shards. It was realized that almost no mention of the dungeon was made in the guide and BFD is an important milestone for Horde level progression. I am an undead who went to the ork region. Once finished, keep running north until you hit the Stagnant Oasis. Thank you! Great to hear! Now start running southeast. If you don’t want to do Zul’Farrak, then you can just spend longer during the grind session coming up. Head southwest once you reach the bottom of the ramp until you arrive at the Ruins of Eldarath east of Valormok. Leave the Undercity by taking the zeppelin back to Orgrimmar. Go back across the bridge and run south to find a building. . Leave the camp and run northeast to get back to Splintertree Post. Great guide thank you. . Run around mountains when you see them. you have 1-2 bubbles of experience towards level 27. This is due west of your location, but there is a mountain in the way. They are often on the second floor and can be found on the ground. Throughout the guide, you will need some items to complete quests. Head back northeast and accept the escort quest: After the escort, run southwest to a tent. Run southwest again to get back to Hillsbrad Fields. Muglash is quite strong and won’t likely die, so let him tank damage for you. Stop at the Ruins of Constellas and fight your way through to the moonwell again. Go straight east until you arrive at Light’s Hope Chapel. If you aren’t yet level 47, head west and kill the darters until you are. Run inside to the flight master and accept the quest: Take a flight to Tarren Mill. Once there, go to the Valley of Wisdom and pick up the quest. I noticed you have us Pick up A New Ore Sample, but never do anything with the quest regarding its completion. Pick up the quest: Learn the flightpath for Shadowprey Village. Thanks! Head towards the exit of Booty Bay. Carefully kill him and loot his corpse. Kill more miners to finish up the quest and exit the mine. Take a flight to Orgrimmar. Once you arrive, turn in. the guide never says to pickup that quest so when I got there I couldnt loot the clams.. and indicate the required expansion. At 26-3 you have us pick up the quest A New Ore and then at 28-13 you have us turn it in. Teleport to Orgrimmar. Good luck. Talk to Neeru until Hidden Enemies is done. Follow the road southeast out of the village. Depending on your class, you can use stealth, sprint or maybe even freeze (mage) or roots (druid). Not a big deal since it’s a short flight from gadget, where the hearth was previously set. Kill everything you see as you run south to the large encampment. Go along the path, killing the goblins to finish Venture Company Mining. Continue along the road until you see the alliance city of Aerie Peak. Go north on the road and accept Arachnophobia. Head southeast back to Stonard. Run just southeast of the lake to your northwest to find a small camp. Thanks again. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. We have some updates being pushed out this week so that helps! Anytime you need to travel, ride your mount! Last updated 2020/12/28 at 8:13 AM View Changelog . Also “Skullsplitter Tusks” is never picked up before first being mentioned at 43.39 I think. Purchase your dungeon set 1 bracers now and make sure you have two, Then take a flight to Everlook. Kill. Once they are dead, climb the tower and kill any guards that get in your way. Keep killing dwarves in the area until both Battle of Hillsbrad and Humbert’s Sword are finished. Kill any enemies you see along the way. “. Kill the furbolgs in the area until your quest is finished. Just grind on trolls for a while outside the crypt to compensate. Eventually you’ll come across Malaka’jin. Go to the Pools of Vision, which is located underneath Spirit Rise. The quests and grinding sessions included are sequenced to get you to level 60 as fast as possible! Here, turn in. After you have all three skulls and all three pieces of quest gear, leave the area and run east to the road. Head north past it until you reach Northridge Lumber Camp. Anyone that did this guide has a /played? Head north at the river and turn in. Does anything exist? Run west until you see a way up the mountain. to finish your quest. Run south back to Jaedenar. Now use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Once in Badlands, go south and hug the mountain to your right. Run north until you reach the road again. 0. Use it for quest credit. Head west along the road to return to The Bulwark. Exit Jaedenar and follow the road north again until Bloodvenom River. helped me loads. Looks like it should be at level 31, step 10 when you fly to Thunder Bluff to turn in the quest Steelsnap. When he says so, use the brazier and kill a few waves of enemies. While you’re here, check for any Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages you are missing on the auction house. Leave the building and go to the east of the bluff to find one more bridge. Head east to the road and start going north. Run up to the top and enter the cave. Colors indicate Alliance territory, Horde territory, Contested territory, Combat zone. Take the road west to Donova Snowden. Follow the road until you see a field to your south. Both logs are guarded by three nagas. Now go west to make your way back to Kargath. Check all of the destroyed buildings and look for, Go towards the center of town and enter the large building. Use your zhevra carcass to summon, Now you’re headed back to The Crossroads. From here go west to enter Mulgore. Cross the bridge and enter the gate to enter Orgrimmar. Dive down near the ship and loot the clams nearby. Sorry you had to do go back and get those samples. However, the preceding quest in the chain and the one we linked in the guide ( is of a lower level and appropriate for leveling at that point. Kill them and the tigers nearby until you Mok’thardin’s Enchantment and Panther Mastery are finished. Now run directly west to find another ramp up to the western pylon. Keep killing trolls until you hit level 35. Stay and kill stuff until Shizzle’s Flyer, Roll the Bones, and Beware of Pterrordax. Pick up the quest: . Go west to find the path leading up to Thorium Point. while you’re here, who you did ignore earlier. Kill naga on Raznajar Isle until you need four bubbles of experience to reach level 38. Run west to the graveyard of kodos and use your newly-acquired. Now click the green pot again to receive an. Keep following it to the northeast corner of the zone to reach Hammerfall. If you don’t have the tuyere yet, return to the wheel and kill the steamsmiths again. Make sure the kitten is following you. Joana's Classic WoW 1-60 Leveling Guides. Once finished, go back to Camp Mojache and turn in, Run directly north from Camp Mojache until you arrive at Gordunni Outpost. When you see a small camp with three raptors around it, you’ve reached the right spot. Sell junk, buy food, and repair before leaving town. Get on a flight to Splintertree Post. Go behind the crypt and use the dirt to turn in, Now go north past the road to Marris Stead. Now head south until you see a big wheel in the distance. Enter the opening in the mountain.” should probably be “see some centaurs” (or half-humans)! Go up to the second floor and hand in, Exit the house and run towards the north gate. start the guide in the Barrens at level 12. Once you kill 9 outrunners, go west until you see a band of orcs. Ascend the main structure to find, Kill and loot Foreman Cozzle. Ask a guard for help locating the flight master. Inside is, . Now run east to the little hut. U should hand in To Steal From Thieves. This time keep going past them and run west once you pass the western colossal. Classic WoW Leveling Methods In Classic WoW, there are two popular leveling dungeon methods: Doing quests, or spamming dungeons. . Kill all the owlbeasts you need here, then continue south on the road. Continue killing beasts here or grind to the northeast on the trolls until you need just a bubble and a half to reach level 49. After reaching level 31, head back to Freewind Post in Thousand Needles. Stop when you reach Darkcloud Pinnacle. . on them first. For the next several few steps, kill any. Head to the southwest corner of the plateau and kill the raptors you see there. So don’t forget to let us know how your questing endeavors went. Now you need to swim all the way to the islands in the distance.